Emilie and Frederik - The Wedding

Ooooh, he was such a lovely boy...

Frederik Frederik Frederik Frederik Frederik Frederik Frederik Frederik

Just joking...he still is! says Emilie's Mum
Van Smurf tot Kabouter Plop, says Emilie's Dad

Fred, Ingrid and Emilie

We surprised Ma for her birthday, champagne and smile all round! says Emilie
Nice hat...Do we have an angel in our midst? That reminds me, Fred...when you join this family, you join what I like to call the 'family circle of trust'. I keep nothing from you, you keep nothing from me...and round and round we go .Capiche? says Simon
It's my b... innit! says Fred

champagne Fred

C'mon, you can do it! says Fred
Can you see a theme forming, bubbly anyone? says Emilie
Champ for a chimp, says Emilie's Dad

Zanzibari Fred

Check out my man, he's whiter than white! says Emilie
Can somebody give me a push? says Fred

Baby Fred Birthday

Yeah, yeah, just give me the cake! says Fred
Proud parents, I didn't have the chance to meet Fred's dad, Serge, but I'm sure he would still be just as proud of his son now, says Emilie

Australian Fred

My mum's birthday in Australia. Fish and chips anyone? says Emilie
Aah yeah, fair dinkom Skippy! says Fred

Fred with a cap

Aah the holidays! says Fred
Pas op, hein! says Emilie's Dad
Don't be fooled he does smile sometimes! says Emilie

Fred and dad in the sand

Happy days! says Emilie
Just waiting for the worker to fill the moat, says Fred

Thinking Fred

?!? says Fred
Beans, anyone? says Dad
He always kind of liked the smell of his own f... says Emilie's Mum
Thinking always brings out the best in Fred...! says Emilie

Black and white Fred

I can't imagine Fred ever being that small! says Emilie
What you doing?! says Fred

Fred playing house

Feminine side anyone? says Emilie
Just preparing her for a trip to the UK, says Fred

sexy Fred

Arrrgh my back! says Fred
"I'm too sexy for my car, too sexy by far" says Emilie
Freddie Mac...My future brother-in-law? Hell nawww, says Simon

Fred and Mum in the sand

A bit of a handful, says Fred
You can't beat a family day out at the seaside, says Emilie

Eyebrow Fred

What you looking at?! says Fred
Just a little more effort...and we nearly have a smile, says Emilie

Fred and Grand Ma

She always did know how to spoil the grandchildren... says Fred
There's nothing like being spoilt by your Nan, or in this case Oma, says Emilie


Oh look it's the Laar Mafia! says Fred
The whole Lorriers clan, just a couple more for me to meet... says Emilie

Motorbike Fred

Do I need another reason not to let him have a bike? says Emilie
?!? says Fred
No comment really...self explanatory! says Simon

Fred in the metro

Too much coffee you say... says Fred
A Korean subway...Ta da! says Emilie
Euh...he's not with me, says Emilie's Mum

Rollerblade Fred

It's a good job at least one of you is wearing a dress! says Emilie
Same hairdresser maybe...? says Fred

Fred baptised

Just like the scene from the Omen! says Fred
I just love those 70's outfits! says Emilie

Fred and Mum

Gorgeous! says Emilie
Comfy sofa, says Fred